Is Your Cookware Safe?

Cookware Safety Tips

We are bombarded regularly by toxins that negatively impact our health. Toxins are found everywhere we turn, in the environment, on our clothing, in our toothpaste, in the water, in our food, in skin products, shampoo and the list goes on and on. Though our bodies are designed to filter out the toxins through our…

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Constipation at a Glance

image of young boy crying

Understanding Causes of Constipation in Children is the First Step to Reducing It One of the most common problems I have seen over the past 30 years of my career is constipation. Constipation is defined as infrequent bowel movements or hard, dry stools. Constipation can be very disruptive and can lead to many other problems…

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Staying Ahead of COVID

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

How Can You Prepare for the School Year in the Face of COVID? As the summer days come to a close and the start of school is around the corner, parents are struggling to make the decision to send the kids to school or keep them home for more online learning. I know this is…

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Get Your ZZZs

baby sleeping with plush toy

Sleep is Vital to Our Health Because It’s When We Heal and Repair Quality sleep is vital for overall health physical and mental. Though we think of sleep as a time when the body shuts down, this is not the case. Sleep is an active period where the body is processing, restoring and strengthening. Our…

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Coronavirus, Now Lyme. Is it Safe to Go Out?

Family outside

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the outdoors are calling us to play. Summer is here and after being cooped up at home we all need a breath of fresh air.  Though the concerns around COVID 19 are still present, we now need to be mindful about Lyme Disease.  Here is some…

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We Are In This Together!!!

picture of young boy talking on cell phone

As an Integrative Pediatric Nurse Practitioner my goal is to keep your kids healthy and you at ease. I am here to support you with any concerns you have regarding your children during this COVID 19 pandemic. If you have questions about your kiddos feeling stressed/anxious, not sleeping, immune support, optimal nutrition for kids, screen…

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Keeping Kids Healthy in Times of Stress


The microbiome is being referenced as a key factor to a plethora of conditions including obesity, diabetes and anxiety. The scientific community has been researching the microbiome for decades. The research is finally holding validity and we are hearing more about the importance of our microbiota in the news and on social media. What is…

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Diet, Disease and Our Children

photo of three young girls carrying basket of fresh vegetables

If Your Gut is Not Healthy, Then You Are Not Healthy More and more we hear about the importance of our microbiota, particularly our gut flora, in relation to our health. What is the Microbiome and How Does It Effect Me? Approximately 80 percent of our immunity comes from our gut. Immunity is our body’s…

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Keeping Kids Healthy During Flu Season

Image of honey, garlic, oranges and lemons

How Can I Keep My Kids From Getting the Flu? Kids generally suffer from ten colds a year. The majority of their illnesses occur during the winter season. Though we have had a pretty mild winter up to this point, winter is still upon us for several more weeks and we are in the height…

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Food, Mood and Attitude

Adorable baby girl smiling and sitting on baby chair with vegetables in the kitchen

The Foods We Eat Impact Our Physical and Mental Health We need food to fuel our bodies and provide us with nutrients that keep our bodies strong, healthy and functioning at optimal level. The food we put into our bodies affect not just our bellies, but our brains as well. Research has shown that our…

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