Remember that the most important thing is NOT your child’s behavior. The MOST important thing is your child!!! Look beyond behavior and CONNECT with your child. Be curious, not furious.

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How to Make Kid Friendly Water

Homemade Kid Friendly Water

Keep Kids Hydrated this Summer with Homemade Fruit Water Staying hydrated is important especially during the summer months. Sugary beverages like juice and soda do not quench thirst and add empty calories. Hydrating with water is the best choice. Adding fruit and vegetables and herbs to water can enhance the flavor and make it more…

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Get Your ZZZs

baby sleeping with plush toy

Sleep is Vital to Our Health Because It’s When We Heal and Repair Quality sleep is vital for overall health physical and mental. Though we think of sleep as a time when the body shuts down, this is not the case. Sleep is an active period where the body is processing, restoring and strengthening. Our…

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