Pediatrics Mission Statement

I founded  to offer a roadmap to optimal health for children by following a holistic whole body approach.

I believe that chronic childhood illness is preventable, and reversible. I focus on “root cause” medicine to heal children from the inside out. I determine the root cause of a condition rather than just treating symptoms.

picture of fruit and vegetable rainbowBioIndividualized Nutrition, Alternative Therapies & Healthy Lifestyles

The focus of healing is structured around BioIndividualized nutrition (customized nutrition based on one’s biochemistry) and appropriate science based supplementation. In addition, I recommend alternative therapies and healthy lifestyle modalities. Parents leave feeling well educated and informed on how to keep their kids thriving utilizing natural ways.

Bridging the Worlds of Traditional and Conventional Medicine

As an Integrative Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I bridge the worlds of traditional and conventional medicine, keeping an open mind to both and offering my patients the best of each. I provide holistic care to children and families by considering all elements of lifestyle including birth history, diet and nutrition, sleep hygiene, environmental exposure, psycho-social factors and genetics.

Key Factors to Reduce Illness and Chronic Health Issues

My goal is to help your child build a strong foundation for optimal growth and development. I believe utilizing healthy foods, positive lifestyle factors, alternative therapies and natural medicines complimentary with conventional medicine when appropriate are the key habits to reducing illness and long term chronic health issues.