Natural Lavender Salt Pack Ear Infection Remedy

How it works Salt is naturally drying and pulls fluid out of the ear. When the salt pack is heated, the heat offers relief of pain and the Himalayan salt forms negative ions which are known for their ability to bind to pollutants, bacteria and infection, thus drawing moisture and infection from the ear. Lavender…

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Essential Oils and Kids

Essential Oils

Plants have been used for their healing properties for centuries. There are many anecdotal uses for all the different components of plants that have been well researched. Lately, there seems to be a shift with parents looking for safe, evidence based natural remedies for their children. Natural remedies are endless and include though not limited…

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DIY Laser Maze for Kids

Kids Having Fun

Actually, it’s fun for the whole family. All you need is some red crepe paper and some tape! You can create it for them or have them help with the process! Tape them high, tape them low and all ways in between. You may have to do some adjusting as they actually navigate through it.…

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