Welcome to Proactive Pediatrics
in Greenwich, Connecticut

A Specialized Practice Addressing Mental Wellness & Gut Health with a strong Focus on ADHD

My focus is on “root cause” medicine to heal children from the inside out. I determine the root cause of a condition rather than just treating symptoms.

- Cindy Wechsler, APRN, Founder


Proactive Pediatrics Services & What You Can Expect

Proactive Preventative Care

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Being proactive leads to optimal wellness by preventing chronic illness and on going symptoms.

Personalized Patient Care

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Each person’s health is unique as it is a combination of genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Collaborative Health Care

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Taking a synergistic approach between the healthcare provider, the child and the parent.

Parent and Child Coloring

At , I Promise to...

  • Listen and hear your concerns
  • Conduct a thorough intake with detailed history of all elements of lifestyle including birth history, diet and nutrition, sleep hygiene, environmental exposure, psychosocial factors and genetics
  • Focus on finding the ROOT CAUSE of your child’s symptoms (whole body centric care, not symptom centric treatment)
  • Offer alternative treatment options to prescription and over the counter medications
  • Provide support and guidance during your visits including a post follow up
  • Provide evidenced based protocols
  • Respond promptly (within 24 hours) to phone calls or emails