Swimmer’s Ear

image of young girl in pool with sunglasses on

What is Swimmer’s Ear? Swimmer’s ear (aka otitis externa) is an infection of the ear canal. It is most commonly caused by water getting trapped in the ear canal. Prevalence is generally during the summer months when kids have an increased opportunity to swim, hence how it got its name “swimmer’s ear”. However, it can…

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Summer Safety Checklist for Kids

picture of kids riding scooter

Summer Sun Safety for Kids When it comes to protecting your kids from the sun, sunscreen plays an important role. But sunscreen is just one of the ways to guard against the sun’s damaging rays. Because the sun’s rays can reflect off of the sand and water or other reflective surfaces, hats, and sunglasses can…

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Diet, Disease and Our Children

photo of three young girls carrying basket of fresh vegetables

If Your Gut is Not Healthy, Then You Are Not Healthy More and more we hear about the importance of our microbiota, particularly our gut flora, in relation to our health. What is the Microbiome and How Does It Effect Me? Approximately 80 percent of our immunity comes from our gut. Immunity is our body’s…

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Natural Treatment of Contact Dermatitis

image of coconuts and coconut oil

How To Avoid Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac this Summer Most of us have been anxiously awaiting the change in season from winter to spring. The warmer weather allows for opening windows and spending more time outdoors. Enjoying nature by engaging in outdoor activities is a welcomed way to spend a day. Spending time outdoors…

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Keeping Kids Healthy During Flu Season

Image of honey, garlic, oranges and lemons

How Can I Keep My Kids From Getting the Flu? Kids generally suffer from ten colds a year. The majority of their illnesses occur during the winter season. Though we have had a pretty mild winter up to this point, winter is still upon us for several more weeks and we are in the height…

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Food, Mood and Attitude

Adorable baby girl smiling and sitting on baby chair with vegetables in the kitchen

The Foods We Eat Impact Our Physical and Mental Health We need food to fuel our bodies and provide us with nutrients that keep our bodies strong, healthy and functioning at optimal level. The food we put into our bodies affect not just our bellies, but our brains as well. Research has shown that our…

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From Colic to Calm

A colic baby can make parents feel helpless, frustrated and overwhelmed. Here are some tips and natural remedies to help get you through the bouts of fussiness. What is Colic? Colic is frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in a healthy infant. The baby’s distress occurs for no apparent reason and no amount of…

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