How to Design a Perfect Workspace for the New Academic Year

image of young girl doing homework

Set Up For Success

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of summer and the start of a new academic year. A tremendous amount of time has been spent among school and government officials regarding safety for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

The uncertainty of COVID and determining whether opening schools versus offering remote learning was not an easy decision for anyone. Stress levels across all age groups are at an all time high. Parents are questioning if they made the right decision. Kids need to adjust to a new way of learning. Some will find it easier while others will be faced with challenges. Whatever decision your family chooses as to the safest way for your kids to receive their education, it is important to create a study space that will empower your kiddos to be successful.

13 Tips for Parents – How to Manage School with COVID

Here are some helpful tips to start the year off strong.

1. Designate a Space for Your Child to Study

Designate a comfortable space for your child to use on a routine basis to complete homework and any other school assignments. Take into consideration how your child focuses best. If they need total quiet, find a spot away from noise and other family activity. If they work better with some noise, find a spot where they can hear what is going on though not in the center of activity.

2. Organize and Declutter the Study Zone

The room should be organized and free of clutter. Clutter in the room can lead to a cluttered mind and distraction. Organization sets the tone for peacefulness and positive energy.

3. Find the Right Balance of Light

There should be ample lighting. If lighting is too bright it can cause a glare. If it is too dim it can lead to squinting, dry out and tire the eyes. Straining the eyes can lead to headaches and feeling tired.

4. Motivate Kids and Remove Distractions

Remove any distractions. Motivating kids to do their work is key. Any source of distraction will pull kids away from tasks they do not want to do.

5. Increase Concentration with a Comfortable Work Area

Make sure your child is sitting at a comfortable desk and chair that is functional and supportive. Ergonomics are very important for comfort. More comfort means better concentration. For best seat height, your child’s feet should be flat on the floor with knees bent at a 90 degree. The desk or tabletop should be 8 inches above the seat height.

6. Keep the Desk Clear of Clutter

Workable space is critical. Keep clutter off the desk. A cluttered desk interferes with your child’s focusing.

7. Have a Water Bottle in the Work Zone

Have a readily available filled water bottle. Staying hydrated is important for focus.

8. Stand Up and Stretch Regularly

Set a timer to remind your child to stand up and stretch. Sitting for too long can cause cramps and aches. Also, ones focus and concentration will start to diminish if sitting for long stretches. Taking breaks to allow for stretching will help to improve blood flow to all body parts. This is a great way to rejuvenate.

9. Keep Supplies in Reach to Avoid Interruptions

Have all supplies within reach. Having a well stocked desk with all the necessary items to complete tasks will avoid interruptions during work time.

10. Put Unnecessary Electronics in Another Room to Avoid Distractions

All electronics not needed for homework should be put away to avoid any distractions.

11. Block Internet Noise to Keep Your Child Focused

Block any internet distractions during homework time to assure your child stays on track.

12. Manage Deadlines and Homework with a Calendar

Consider hanging a calendar above your child’s desk to allow you (for younger kids) or your child to plan ahead for homework and project deadlines. Posting tasks on the calendar is a great way to stay on track.

13. Establish a Simple Filing System of Assignments

Having a convenient filing system for your kids will keep everything organized and save time when they need to reference older assignments.

Remember, the most important thing is to keep your kids motivated to get their work done. When they complete their work in a timely fashion it will instill a sense of pride and success. Here’s to a stress free year. Good luck!!!