Fall Family Activities for November

The theme for November is “Gratitude”.

Talk to your kids about what gratitude means. Here are some ideas to remind you why your family should be grateful.

  1. Gather food items from your pantry or the supermarket and donate to a soup kitchen or food bank.
  2. Find a family in need and donate a Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Have every family member write or draw what they are grateful for and have them read aloud at Thanksgiving dinner.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt for fall items such as different colored leaves, pine cones, pine needles, etc.
  5. Take a fun family photo to use for your holiday card.
  6. Participate in a turkey trot.
  7. Donate clothes or old books to a local shelter or children’s center.
  8. Make Thanksgiving decorations decorate the house and the table.